From 13th September onwards 2019 we will be offering all over 65’s & all patients in the ‘at risk’* categories this seasons flu vaccination.
Your GP would urge ALL patients to have the vaccination here at Beech House Medical Practice. We operate an appointment based system but you can also call in and sit on our flu hot seat and the next available clinician will call you in and administer your vaccine.
If your parent is registered here at Beech House, aged 65 or over & they don’t have a mobile number (for us to send out flu clinic notifications) please ask them to contact us to arrange an appointment.
The children’s nasal flu vaccines are due for delivery middle of October. We are currently waiting for more details of exact delivery dates from NHS England.
*e.g Anybody with a long-term condition, previous heart problems, chronic respiratory disease, carers, pregnant ladies, etc.
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