Regrettably, with immediate effect, we must move to 100% telephone triage due to the continued escalation of the Corona virus. Sadly, we have had a very small number of patients use a completely unrelated matter to gain access to the Clinician to actually discuss suffering from Corona virus symptoms despite notices at all entrances asking people to not enter the building with such symptoms. This puts both our staff, clinicians and other patients at risk.

Today’s guidance states:
⁃ anyone with a continuous cough OR fever (>37.8 degrees must self isolate for 7 days (this includes children)
⁃ travel history is now irrelevant
⁃ anyone with these symptoms who is WELL can just stay at home and does not need to ring 111 or be tested
⁃ anyone with these symptoms who is UNWELL should go to 111 online for advice, they must NOT go to the GP, 111 will assess and advise
⁃ anyone who has repeat prescriptions: please nominate a chemist so that they can be sent electronically.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding at this time.

Drs Hull, Salim, Woodworth & Ibrahim.

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